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Speed Help + SSL Service


An SSL and a fast Website is a major key to help with visitors staying on your site and limiting your bounce rate.

An SSL is just a secure connection on your website with their browser/computer. Even if you’re only collecting contact information via the contact form your visitors will feel more confident putting their information on your website. Google browser Chrome made a BIG change last year which shows the message NOT SECURE at the top left of your website if you don’t have an SSL.

You can read more about what Google did via this link.

The great thing is MOST (which an exception of a few) offer free SSLs now via Let’s Encrypt.* The bad part about is it sometimes your WordPress website is not set up correctly to handle the SSL.

That’s where we come in. We will help secure your website and optimize your website using our WP Pro Speed service to make your site secure and fast!

Our WP Pro Speed service can speed up your site for a one-time fee. Along with increasing the speed of your site your Pagespeed/YSlow will increase with our optimization.

We like to focus more on user experience. If someone clicks a link on your site and it takes several seconds for it to load then that’s a bad user experience for your visitors. However, someone clicks the link and it loads instantly or close to instantly that’s great loading time. 

Just think about it yourself…do you like waiting for a website to load?

We like to get a site loading between 1-2 second when you’re counting 1 1000 2 1000 after clicking a link on a page. Faster the better but every site is different. 

PageSpeed is a score Google gives your website, and YSlow is the score Yahoo gives you. PageSpeed and YSlow give you an indication of whether or not your website adheres to best practices for optimal speed.

Your PageSpeed/YSlow score does not increase your ranking directly. However, Google counts website speed and an SSL (Secure site) as one of their ranking factors. Also, the speed of your site is essential for user experience (so people don’t bounce off your website waiting for it to load.) Search engines will also rank you higher if you have a faster site.

If we’re unable to increase your website speed, we will refund your payment right away. We accept PayPal and Credit Card.

Don’t miss out on potential visitors because your website is not secure of fast!

*If your website host does not provide free SSLs via Let’s Encrypt you will have to purchase an SSL from your website host.