Support for Designers & Agencies

We would love to help you look awesome to your customers by doing all the tech stuff you don’t know, or even want to know. You know, all the stuff that sucks up all your time…suddenly a site slows down; emails don’t get delivered or the SSL errors. That kind of stuff.

Companies like yours are fantastic at web design, being creative and the marketing aspects. But you typically hate or spend way too much time doing the technical parts of the business.


From my experience, technical issues such as hosting, DNS, clients email, malware, website speed, etc is the stuff designers hate. These issues usually become your job if you’re creating a website or providing marketing for someone. It is just the way it is…


Or is it?

That’s where we come in. You continue in your area of genius, handling the design and marketing of your client’s website, and we’ll handle any technical issues you have. WP Pro Fix has been supporting WordPress websites for over seven years and we love everything about it. (Yep – we’re geeks too!)

How would it feel to have more time on your hands, and to be able to relax, knowing we’ve got your back? How would you like to increase your revenue as you’re able to now spend more time bringing in and helping clients, and not spending hours and hours trying to figure out the technical issues?


General Help

Our one-time support options allow you to get a single issue fixed on your client’s website for $59. We will do anything you need related to your site, hosting, email, etc. 

Emergency Help

Is your client’s website completely down or having a major issue? Purchase an emergency support request and we’ll fix your issue within 2-6 business hours.

Speed Help

Does your client have a slow loading website with bad scores? Our WP Pro Speed service can speed up your client’s site and improve their scores.

Malware Help

Was your client’s website hacked or have a malware infection? Our malware removal service can remove malware from your client’s site for a one time fee.

Our clients are already enjoying their new found freedom and revenue! Oh, and did I mention that most of our customers even mark up or white label our services to make a profit?


Yup, that’s possible too!


We also provide you with a coupon to our site that allows you to get a discount to most of our services such as speed up, malware removal, and more.


Let’s get together in person or over the phone to discuss how we can work together to help you with the annoying technical stuff you don’t want to do.


With your new freedom you can focus on the creative side of your business, or enjoy life with the free time you’ll suddenly have. Go out and enjoy your family, the beach, nature, or whatever was the reason you started this business in the first place!


Want to learn more?

Chat with us below, email us [email protected], or call us (844) 990-6600 to learn more!